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John Fridge reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

My family and I have been a part of the Mike Storms Karate family for almost 2 years. I say Mike Storms KarateFamily because it truly is a family. You feel excited to be there, giving and receiving courtesy and respect. My daughter joined first, a few months later I joined her on the mat, and soon after my wife joined us. We are on a journey together to better our selves, our family, and our health. It's a positive Enviroment to raise our children around and Each class we leave feeling invigorated and ready to meet any obstacles head on. This is more than just a karate school. It's a life school. Want to be a better parent? Want to lose that weight? Want to tone up? Want to spend time with your kids in a fun and positive dojo that teaches kids AND ADULTS how to be better people to those around them? Then this is the karate school you've been looking for! Go see Ms. Meagan at the front desk or walk right in and talk to mike storms himself. They will be happy to give you a tour of the dojo. Stop making excuses and just go. In no time you'll be reciting "EVERYDAY...IN EVERY WAY... I'M GETTING BETTER AND BETTER" in your sleep.

Danielle Dupre Fridge reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

After a long exhausting and fulfilling day of partying I feel compelled to tell you how terrific Brooke's birthday party was at the dojo. Your staff is top notch. Honestly you have the BEST OF THE BEST working for you and representing your brand. To all the many adults in attendance, Megan Trey and Chase ARE mike storms karate. And boy do they represent you right. These people are the reason we fall in love with your business and I just wanted you to know how easy they are to fall in love with. Thanks for inspiring and coaching these kids. We love being part of the MSK family.

Crystal Younger reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

My son is now 18 years old and went to Mike Storms Karate for years. He is being heavily recruited for college basketball and attributes much of his success to the things he learned from his Mike Storms experience. Mike Storms karate reinforced the things we believed as a family and helped turn my son into a leader who stands out among his peers. Adults meet my son and tell me what an amazing young man he is and much of this has to do with his experience here. If you have a young son or daughter I highly recommend attending here. You won't regret it!

Steven Ballard reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

Ethan and I will be receiving our Brown belts tonight! I am so proud of the boy that Ethan is becoming and our participation in Karate. Mike Storms and his wonderful team have done a tremendous job in helping to reinforce the values that are important in the development of children as well as helping to reinforce those values in my life as well. I have noticed a remarkable development in the pride and effort that Ethan gives in all areas of his life from School, Basketball, Gymnastics and his family. We are blessed to be a part of the Mike Storms Karate Family!!

Erin M LeCorgne reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

I just want to thank you for the parents as coaches class you held on Tuesday night. When we first signed up for karate, I had no idea what a life-changing experience it would be for our entire family. Not only do you focus on helping our children grow and be the best they can be, but you also help families grow and become better and stronger. I appreciate your teachings regarding respect, nutrition and values. My son has learned so much about life and gained so much confidence already in the short time we have been with ya'll, as have my other children just from observing the classes. They all walk around the house quoting you. I truly appreciate how much you genuinely care for your students and our community. So much of what you said Tuesday night resonated with me, personally. As a single parent I try to do everything and be everything for my kids, usually putting my own needs behind theirs and my health is often negatively affected in doing so. I don't make time to sleep enough, prepare meals for myself, exercise, etc. I have recently started suffering from some health issues and your words really hit home. As hard as I'm trying my best to be everything for my kids, I'm actually doing them a disservice by neglecting myself as I have. Thank you for helping me to realize this and offering ways how to fix it. These last few months (since we have started with you) have been so much more than I ever could have imagined. I feel truly blessed that we have found ourselves as a part of your school. Thank you for all you do for our children and our families. Thank you for the insights and education you provide, helping to make all of us better individuals overall, inside and out.

Linda Rainey-Lambert reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

Awesome place for a Birthday party! And my grandkids love taking karate there too!

Tiffany Lucas reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

My daughter and I attended Mike Storm's Women's Self Defense Seminar this evening. I highly recommend this class as a MUST take for all women and their teenage daughters! This class covers practical and effective self defense skills as well as other valuable knowledge, such as identifying the signs of a predator, deescalation techniques and how to be self aware in any situation we may encounter in the future. We left this seminar feeling confident and empowered to protect ourselves if ever the need arises. WE WILL NOT BE SORRY and neither will you if you take this seminar!!

I have 3 boys who have been going to Mike Storm's Karate for 6 months now and we love it here! The encouragement and positivity in class keep my boys motivated to be and do their best, in class and outside of class. We look forward to watching our boys develop their abilities through the excellent guidance and support of the staff at the dojo.

David Neumann reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

Chase and all the staff are very friendly. They focus on creating a good foundation of respect, responsibility, and reasoning as much as they focus on karate. My son loves the classes and we have seen an improvement in his ability to take responsibility for his actions and listen to what he's told.

Brandy Alford Blankenship reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

We signed our 5 year old twins up during a birthday party intending for our son to have an extracurricular activity since his sister had been involved in some others for years. We had no idea how much they both would love karate! We are so pleased with the curriculum & all of the staff at MSK!

Nicole Gauthier O'Callaghan reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

Mike Storms Karate has been wonderful for our boys. Every week, they learn a new lesson such as stranger danger, respect, cooperation, attitude, nutrition, etc. This mental training along with learning karate skills has definitely improved their behavior over the past two years. They have taken many of these lessons to heart and it has helped them tremendously at school and most definitely at home. I would recommend Mike Storms Karate to any parent to improve discipline as well as physical skills!

Dominick Puipuro Jr. reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

My wife, daughter, sister n law and two nieces attended Coach Storms self defense course and absolutely loved it. In this day and age you have to be prepared to defend yourself and Coach Storms equipped them with sound techniques to accomplish that!

Heather Wilson Hibbs reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

We were having trouble with our daughter in the structured environment at school and we felt that she could benefit from some extra structured discipline. Mike Storms and her school teamed up to run a special and we decided to enroll her...to try it out. She jumped in her first class with two feet and has been loving it ever since. It has been the best decision we could've made for her. The environment is extremely positive and uplifting. Sensei Chase is awesome with the children ....a great role model and strives to bring out the very best in every child... our daughter just loves him! We have seen a positive change in her thus far and her behavior at school has turned around.
This is definitely a wonderful place to be ....an amazing family to be a part of and time very well spent!

Liza Nemeroff Ledet reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

I couldn’t be more pleased with Mike Storms Karate. It is a professional, organized, well-ran program that my 6 year old son is thoroughly enjoying. The structure, confidence, respect, life lessons, and karate skills that he is learning are priceless. The program is beneficial for every day life and has improved behavior at home and school as well. I was skeptical how they could include so much into 30 minutes, but they do and it’s impressive. My son stays focused and engaged the entire time, which is a reflection of the quality of the staff and the design of the program. They are passionate in the traditional discipline of karate as well as helping their students and their parents thrive in the real world and community. Thank you to the entire Mike Storms team!

Stephanie Quave Ebersole reviewed Storms Karate
via Facebook

After a 6 wk trial & watching my 9 yr old progress as fast as he did & become so passionate about Karate. We are so honored to be a part of another 7 months with Mike Storms Karate. I find his yes ma’am yes sir, no ma’am no sir to come as a habit now without even having to give him a reminder. His leadership skills have also began to shine. His eagerness to volunteer for school projects & participate more is overwhelming to see. I can’t thank Sensei Chase enough for helping to install so much into one child in such a short time frame! ... if you believe in them you can help them to achieve! Thank you Mike Storms Karate for helping mold my son!

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Our latest news & thoughts

5 Presidents Who Studied Martial Arts

The term “Martial Arts” is a relatively broad expression that encompasses a
variety of different disciplines. Typically, when we hear the words martial arts,
the first ideas that come to mind are one or more of the techniques that have
developed in Asian countries. However, the martial arts are comprised of most
types of fighting techniques that focus on hand-to-hand combat.

Historically, there have been a number of Commander-in-Chiefs who have
studied at least one of the martial arts. Most often, wrestling has been the
discipline of choice, but there have been a few who’ve gone with disciplines
that originated in Asia.

George Washington’s Defense Against Bullies – Wrestling

Washington was not the type to take an attack lying down, not even at 15. To
deal with bullying at school, He became proficient in an old Irish folk wrestling
art. This art, called “collar and elbow,” involves learning a series of Kicks,
Throws, Trips, Pins, Chokes, and Locks.

Abraham Lincoln – Bully Fighter

Long before he was president, he was known locally for his size and strength.
Also skilled in collar and elbow wrestling, he was once asked by the locals in
Illinois to take on the town bully. Lincoln agreed. It was no contest. Problem

Even after he began his political career, he would intervene if he saw a bully at
work. Once, during his legislative bid, he saw one of his supporters being
roughed up during his speech. He stopped speaking, tossed the guy 10-12 feet,
then went back to his speech.

Ulysses S. Grant – Recreational Wrestler

Also a wrestler, Grant would sometimes let his form of martial arts have an
effect on his work. In fact, during the famous surrender of the Confederates at
Appomattox, it’s said he apologized to General Robert E. Lee for the disarray of
his camp. Apparently several of the “boys” had joined Grant for an evening of
wrestling the previous night.

Theodore Roosevelt Takes on Judo

Teddy Roosevelt took up demanding exercise to help treat the illnesses and
asthma he suffered as a child.

Known to be extremely adventurous, once during his travels he had the
opportunity to see a demonstration of one of the popular martial arts, Judo.
After seeing it performed, he knew he had to give it a try. He eventually
achieved the rank of 3rd Brown in Judo.

Barack Obama Practiced Taekwondo

Barack Obama trained in Taekwondo while still in Chicago, IL when he was
working as a professor and part-time state senator. His instructor was David
Posner, who remembers him as a very diligent and disciplined student.
President Obama eventually earned a green belt for this discipline of the
martial arts.

Then, in 2009, during his presidency, South Korean president Lee Myung-Bak
awarded him an honorary black belt during a visit to South Korea.